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Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword Research in SEO: Everything you need to know

Keyword Research in SEO: Keywords are words or phrases that help search engines to find what our content contains thus displaying results when anyone searches for it.

Why it’s necessary to include keywords in content?

You may be providing very good services in your domain, and content that is helpful for people but if you are not including the right keywords in the content everything will go in vain. This is the main difference between one earning in millions and one lost with the same services. Thus it’s very important to include the right keywords to reach out right audience and gain more profit. If we choose the right keywords keyword will rank organically for a website there is no need of wasting extra money on Paid Ads. Right keywords also help in increasing quality scores in paid ads.

How to do keyword research?

There are many tools in google that helps in keyword research in SEO like Google search console, Google ads keyword planner, and helps to find keyword traffic, competition, Average monthly searches, Page bids, and ultimately for Website Ranking.

Google research can be done manually by Google autocomplete and google search results, Google trends.

But before doing keyword research we should analyze and own content we should identify key points in our website we should identify root keywords & Then we should go to secondary keywords

Head keywords:- Head keywords are important but have high competition so it’s difficult to rank for head keywords in a short period of time.

Long-tail keywords:-  long-tail keywords contains many words this it’s easy to rank well. Low-volume keywords may be less attractive on the surface, but as you begin to compete on hundreds or thousands of them, they represent more traffic and ultimately more sales than a few vanity keywords.

How to include keywords in the website?

  1. Including the keyword in URL:- Including keywords in URL improve SERP of website. It is mainly advantageous in ranking short keywords. In a Short period of time, maintaining SEO friendly URL structure helps Website ranking.

2. Using the keyword in the title:- Google bots consider the title of the website in priority so including our LSI ( Keyword which is related to the primary keyword) keyword in the keyword title helps in ranking of the website.

3. Meta description:- Meta description is searched by google bots more.

It is a text snippet displayed under our headline, So the meta description should include the main purpose of the page and include all-important keywords.

4. Meta keywords:- Including our main keywords in the meta keyword tag helps in increasing SERP Ranking.

5. In the Image file path in the image alt tag we can include keywords



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