Shahid Girgaonkar

Shahid Girgaonkar

Founder & CEO

A Chief Executive Officer with 10+ years of experience in IT, Recruitment, and Digital Marketing. Within the Service Industry and experience into multiple functions. Handled marketing campaigns successfully in multiple companies. Developed all-in-one office management software and contributed to its successful implementation within the entire organization and now selling in the market as a NeuronX.

Until recently the recruitment functions handled via the HR software were Employee payroll, a self-service portal, and leave the software. A Specialist at and with a strong knowledge base of Business Analysis, Operations, Employee Management, Sales, Market Research, Lead Generation, Marketing Solution & Services Creation and Project Execution, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, MS Access, and Excel including Database Building. In addition to this, I have extensive experience with CRM strategies and Data collection, Data Mining & validation from different Sources. Additional responsibilities included creating e-mail marketing campaigns to promote products and services, identifying the target audience, devising, and launching e-mail campaigns to create a buzz or generate leads for a Business.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, having a Hubspot Inbound certification, and managed projects like Pocket HCM, HRMS, Hubspot, and V-Tiger CRM.

For any inquiry: [email protected] | +91 9960374178